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Yu Sheng Prosperity Toss Salad for Lunar New Year

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Toss this Salad for Good Luck!

In Singapore and Malaysia, the yu sheng, or toss prosperity salad, is a famous salad to consume with loved ones during the Lunar New Year (LNY). The salad includes raw fish, fruits, and vegetables.

The best part of this dish is mixing the salad. It creates a bonding and an exciting experience amongst loved ones. Tossing all the ingredients together, as high as possible, and eventually, toward the center of the plate, spreads the luck. Moreover, this ensures a lucky, prosperous, and healthy year.

Yu Sheng Salad in Singapore, Lunar New Year | Foodnista Soul, 2011
Yu Sheng Salad in Singapore, Lunar New Year
©Foodnista Soul, 2011

The Significance of the Ingredients

The following ingredients are what’s included in the standard yu sheng salad:

  • Carrots – Blessings of good luck
  • Fish – Bountifulness
  • Noodles – Long life
  • Oil – Financial gain
  • Peanut crumbs – Gold and silver or eternal youth
  • Pepper – Money
  • Pomelo (Asian citrus fruit)– Good fortune
  • Radish – Opulence in business and advancement at work
  • Sesame seeds – A thriving business
  • Won-ton chips – Gold

There are many modifications in making this salad. Here is one of many recipes: https://www.foodliteracycenter.org/recipe/yu-sheng-singaporean-lunar-new-year-salad 

Singapore Adventures

I had the privilege of traveling to Singapore twice during LNY and tossing and eating yu sheng. The first time I visited was in 2011, which happened to be the Year of the Rabbit. I didn’t realize this until I looked at my pictures. And here we are, 12 years later, the Year of the Bunny again. I love how life plays out.

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

FS x


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