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Vegan Soba Noodle Salad at an Izakaya

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Soba Salad & Izakaya Reivew

My friend and I dined at a Japanese vegan izakaya restaurant in Honolulu. We were so excited to try this place. Finally! I’ve frequently driven by and have always wanted to eat there. However, the location isn’t the best, and the parking is limited. They have a small lot. There’s additional parking alongside South Beretania Street, which is also scarce.

Reservations at Tane Vegan Izakaya are highly encouraged. Also, dine early- like when it opens- so parking won’t be difficult to find.

This place gets busy, and I understand why. The food was excellent! I was very impressed with their dishes. Some of them resembled real meat and fish. It was mind-blowing! Look for a future post on another plate from Tane (pronounced “ta-ney”) Vegan Izakaya.

Tane Vegan Izakaya
2065 S. Beretania St.
Honolulu, HI 96826
**Izakaya is an informal Japanese bar that serves alcohol and small dishes.

Soba Salad Must-Try

The soba salad at Tane was delicious, refreshing, and light. The dressing magnified this salad. To me, a tasty and hearty sauce makes a superb salad. 

Among the three famous Japanese noodles, soba, ramen, and somen, soba is my ultimate favorite (and healthiest). There are so many ways I prepare soba. Ponzu sauce is the easiest and preferred method, with sliced green onions. The sauce gives a tangy and savory flavor that pairs well with the noodles.

Soba’s Auspiciousness & Japanese Traditions

There are so many delicious Japanese dishes. Some food items are auspicious and symbolize good luck. Soba is one of them.

The buckwheat plant is healthy, which symbolizes strength. Additionally, soba noodles are soft and easy to chew. They’re easy to break apart, thus exemplifying a clean slate from any misfortunes from the previous year (Japan, 2019).

My late paternal grandmother believed that eating soba, specifically on New Year’s Eve, would bring individuals good luck. Moreover, noodles in the Asian culture symbolize longevity because of their length. You better believe Gramma didn’t let anyone leave the house without their soba fix for good luck and long healthy life. The tradition continues in my family even after her passing. 

Soba Facts

Woodruff (2014) shares that soba consists of two ingredients: buckwheat flour and water. This article explains how soba is made: It looks pretty simple, doesn’t it? We’ll see about that. Looks aren’t everything… A future article will be posted after I’ve made and tasted this.

I’ve been on a quest to find the best soba noodles in Honolulu, fresh and pre-made. Of course, the freshest and most authentic soba noodles are in Japan. You cannot beat the motherland! Every meal I’ve eaten there was just perfect, especially the soba. My mouth is watering!!

To a robust, optimistic, and long life well-lived!

FS x


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