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The Backstory of Social Media Hashtags

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Social Media Hashtag Story Revealed

The significance of the weekly hashtags you’ve seen regularly in my blog posts and social media stories has been unveiled. I’m excited to share the meanings behind them all. 

Daily Hashtags Explained!


This is a perfect hashtag for my recipe posts on the Foodnista Soul blog. The goal is to motivate readers to “stir it up” and have fun cooking in the kitchen. This hashtag is used both in my social media stories and blog posts.


What a magnificent way to start each week with a motivating mantra! Each Monday will highlight a new quote to center and ground us to be in the right frame of mind to begin our week. 

#TravelTuesday & #FoodnistaTravels**

Traveling to different places on this beautiful planet is a privilege and blessing. I couldn’t decide between the hashtags, so I’m using both. A travel segment will be coming soon to the blog. Stay tuned.


This hashtag is utilized in all the All-Encompassing Wellness posts on Foodnista Soul. It fuels power in my soul as I convey the messages, conversations, and revelations that guide me through life. A social media story with the same hashtag is also used weekly.


This hashtag highlights delicious drinks I’ve consumed from across the globe. It’s essential to stay hydrated with water; however, it’s nice to periodically treat ourselves to fancy cocktails, beers, wines, and delicious non-alcoholic drinks. All in moderation, of course. Please drink responsibly, y’all!


I love to dine out. I’m a foodie. Therefore, this hashtag focuses on my favorite dishes at the most delicious restaurants. I love trying new foods even though I have dietary restrictions. I can still make eating out fun. This is also the perfect platform to shout out to the different eateries in Hawai’i and across the globe. 


Self-care is very vital in my life. Each Saturday, I post a story of a self-care activity I did that day to remind myself to care for my mind, body, and spirit. My Saturdays are fun!

** means social media story only

Special Occasion Hashtags


Since 2018, I have developed my version of a daily thankful challenge during November. It’s an important reminder to be grateful every day, even if we’re having a bad one. There’s always something to be thankful for if we look deep within. 


I enjoy setting resolutions for the new year. It gets my mind focused on what I want to accomplish in the new year and how I can continue growing as an individual. 

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