Sixteen of 20 Things 2020 Has Taught and Reminded Me + Brick Oven Pizza

It’s sweet 16.

16. Recognizing that everyone deals with crises differently.

We’ve gone through an ordeal of crises in 2020. I came to understand that everyone has dealt with the tribulations differently this year, including myself. While I was feeling motivated and optimistic, others around me were feeling stressed and depressed. As a compassionate person and licensed social worker, it’s in my nature to empathize and imagine myself in other people’s shoes to understand how the certain situations and multiple factors affect their emotions. Things like: familial discord, financial struggles, loss of vocation, lack of socialization and personal interaction, loneliness, and uncertainty of the future… This year’s circumstances immensely attested to our emotional and mental health. But we will rise from this. We always do. We are resilient. We come out better and stronger.

Overtime, I’ve experienced going through the spectrum of emotions this year. I started off feeling positive and driven, but those emotions slowly turned into frustration and despair. I had to practice a lot of self-talk, self-motivation, and self-love to get myself through the year.

I was searching the internet and came across a colorful wheel of emotions. This pretty much explains the entire year, and then some…

Last Christmas, my colleagues and I went to our boss’s house to make pizzas in her man-made brick oven (see featured image). It was a beautiful oven. The pizzas we made were delicious. I made a pesto base with spinach, vegan cheese, onions, and garlic. It was scrumptious. Yum!

Wishing you all the best last week of 2020. Let’s go out with a BANG!

FS x

Pizza, all around!

I smelt pizza in the elevator this evening and it triggered my craving senses- haha! I thought I’d post a blog entry about good ol’ pizza!

FullSizeRender.jpg 2

Because of my craving, I ordered a chili-lime chicken pizza from La Tour Café tonight for dinner. Yum! Talk about spicy! Yowzers! That pizza had a kick! …An awesome kick to it!


Ooey, gooey for cheese pizza from La Pizza Rina. Yummy!


How’s about some pepperoni and anchovies? Also from La Pizza Rina. That was VERY fishy!!!

I always drive by La Pizza Rina on South King Street, but never got a chance to try it, until recently. I’m glad I finally did. Their pizza is really tasty, and their crust is crazy good!

La Pizza Rina
1425 S. King St.; Honolulu, 96814
**Parking in the rear of the building
La Tour Café
Various locations on-island

Happy Labor Day!