No beg for eggs!

The meaning behind today’s blog title

A few years ago, a good friend and I talked about creating a unique community service project on feeding the homeless. He thought of the idea of serving eggs (egg sandwiches), and wanted to name the project “No Beg for Eggs!” Haha! This project is still in the making, even though we’re in different states now. We’ll make this happen one day…

Fourteen day recap of #2021thankfulchallenge

Here are the last 14 things I’ve been grateful for this month.

  1. Peaceful and tranquil lake.
  2. You Are My Glory, Chinese drama series.
  3. Hugs.
  4. Love.
  5. Hawai’i’s KIKU TV (was a channel that aired multi-cultural shows).
  6. “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle.
  7. The end of daylight savings time.
  8. Meditation apps.
  9. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  10. Bubble gum.
  11. Stars.
  12. Good nutrition.
  13. Iryu: Team Medical Dragon series.
  14. Adele.

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Eggs, eggs, and more eggs!

I spent the entire weekend cooking eggs. I’m EGG’D OUT! I went through over two dozen eggs. I made six different types of eggs (poached, over easy, sunny side up, soft-boiled, hard-boiled, and scrambled). I’ll be eating my “lemon” eggs for days! It was a frustrating and trying weekend, but I succeeded in the end. Thanks to grace and patience. Eggs may seem simple and easy to cook, but they’re not at all, especially if it needs to be cooked “perfectly.”

An egg-cellent tray of different varieties of egg cookery

My fave kind of eggs: runny yolks

My most favorite type of eggs are soft-boiled and over easy. I grew up eating over easy eggs. Many people in Hawai’i love the runny yolk over hot rice, with shoyu (soy sauce) drizzled over. Mmm, mmm! We can eat this all day long!

Helpful tips:

Pictured below are: poached, sunny side up, over easy, and soft-boiled eggs. These yolk oozing pics were very satisfying.

The challenging eggs were poached and over easy. I had to make them several times before they were photo-worthy and acceptable to submit to my chef instructor. Practice, practice, practice!

Helpful tips on poaching eggs: straining the egg first to remove the outer albumen, the egg white, which contains several thick and thin layers and 40 different proteins, adding vinegar to the water, and creating that swirl before adding the egg into the water.

For over easy eggs, flip it in one go, without a spatula. That’s right; you read right. No spatula. I’m not expert at flipping things in a frying pan, but I was able to gently flip my egg pretty nicely. That was luck! Having a non-stick pan and spray helps tremendously.

Surprisingly, sunny side up was the easiest. I hardly had to do anything, except move the egg around the pan occasionally so that it wouldn’t brown underneath.

Until next time…


FS x