Japanese feast!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

My girlfriend and I tried a really good Japanese cuisine- Akira last month. It’s an izakaya-type place, where you order small dishes and share amongst your party. We really enjoyed the food and customer service. Our server was really nice and friendly. I loved the ambiance of the restaurant as well- it was beautiful.


Agedashi tofu. So, so good! Can’t go wrong with this dish.


Prosciutto papaya allegra salad. This was very interesting. I liked it! Made it unique with the papaya.


Tai-chazuke. Yummy! Chazuke is my childhood fave dish! I had it all the time as a kid. It’s the simplest dish ever! Rice and tea, or broth. Bam!


Chawan mushi is always good to order.


And last, but not least, natto nigiri. My ultimate fave. Yum! Mouthwatering!

We would definitely go back to try more of their food.

Akira Japanese Restaurant
1150 S. King St.
Honolulu, 96814


This hole-in-the-wall place is SO worth it!

Yay to the weekend again! Happy Fall, too!

My gf and I found a wonderfully delicious and reasonable Japanese restaurant in the beginning part of Waikiki. It’s called Do-Ne Japanese Food. It’s not easy to find, as it’s a very small joint. Best to make reservations, as there’s only 17 seats in the restaurant. Totally reminds me of Japan, especially the food. Oh.my.word! Mouth is watering just thinking about it.

IMG_4977 copy

This kimchi was BOMB! Oh my goodness! One of the best kimchi dishes I’ve eaten in a lonnnnng time.

IMG_4982 copy

The set for $16.99. Amazing deal! I ordered the special: stamina seafood don set. Yummy! The don included: ahi, ika, natto, ikura, okra, and egg, over sushi rice. The set comes with salad, miso soup, tsukemono (pickled veggies), and appetizers: choi sum, shrimp with somen, and salmon.

IMG_4984.JPG copy

Hamachi collar. Thee best!

We also ordered grilled octupus (tako) and agedashi tofu (deep-fried tofu). Everything was excellent! We are definitely returning again to try more of their food.

Do-Ne Japanese Food
1614 Kalakaua Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96826

So worth it! Have a great week.






I came across oden when I first walked into two of the biggest convenience stores in Japan, 7-Eleven and Lawson. I wasn’t very familiar with the dish, but it looked really yummy and I HAD to try it! I am a HUGE soup fan! I could drink soup for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner!

I tried oden at Lawson the second day I was in Japan. I also grabbed a natto roll and strawberry yogurt drink, to complete my meal for lunch.


The dashi, or broth, was amazingly delicious! It was the perfect comfort food. I added the following ingredients to my soup: daikon (radish), shirataki (aka konnyaku (Japanese potato noodles)), boiled eggs, and assorted fishcakes. I loved the daikon, konnyaku, and boiled egg. I didn’t care so much for the fishcakes. The natto roll was the BEST I’ve ever eaten!! I usually put shoyu, but this roll didn’t need any at all. The yogurt drink was refreshing to drink. Yum!

I had to have oden again before leaving Japan. I decided to try the one at 7-Eleven on our last night.


This time, my oden was very simple. Just two ingredients: daikon and shirataki (aka konnyaku). Yum! The dashi was delicious once again!

Here’s an interesting article about oden: http://en.rocketnews24.com/2014/09/05/a-diners-guide-to-oden-japans-weird-looking-super-popular-winter-dish/

If you love soup, try the oden when you visit Japan. It’ll make you feel warm and happy! Also, check out these three famous convenience stores while you’re there. They’re all over the place. You can’t miss it!

7-Eleven: http://www.sej.co.jp/in/en.html

FamilyMart: http://www.fu-hd.com/english/ir/; http://www.family.co.jp/

Lawson: http://lawson.jp/en/

These stores are DA BOMB!!!! Their food does NOT disappoint!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

FS x