Now this is gourmet pizza!

Happy November! I apologize for being on hiatus for a bit, but I’m back! Yea!

My bf’s family treated me for my belated birthday at Sophie’s Gourmet Hawaii Pizzeria at Koko Marina Center in Hawaii Kai a couple months ago. One of my girlfriends shared awesome reviews about this place, and I was so eager to try it out to see what the buzz was all about. Boy, was she right! This place is one-of-a-kind!! I absolutely LOVED it!!

They got some creative titles for their pizza (see below). We ordered the following: Sophie’sticated, Seoul Mates, Austin Powers (daily special), and two customized pizzas.


I can’t wait to go back to eat there again! I enjoyed all the pizzas, but my all-time favorite was the Seoul Mates. That goat cheese was to-die-for! Oh, man! I love goat cheese! Whenever I see it on the menu, I got to order it!

Here’s some interesting facts I found about goat’s cheese.


Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you ALL for following and reading!

Noodle freak to the core!

I LOVE noodles/pasta! I could eat it every day. With a sauce, in soup, dry, or even plain… Mmm mmm!

Here are a few reviews of some of the yummiest noodle dishes I’ve eaten recently.


Noodle dish #1: Saimin at Moku Kitchen in Kaka’ako. The saimin dish contains: “Iwamoto family noodles,” Kalua pork, and veggies. Yum! It was a pretty gourmet saimin.


Noodle dish #2: Thee famous dry noodles and saimin at Sam Sato’s in Wailuku, Maui. Most popular dishes there. The dry noodles was off-the-charts! The broth is served on the side. Ah, I want more! Oh, and the cheeseburger and BBQ beef stick were ono, too!


Noodle dish #3: Kamo nabe- duck breast with udon in vegetable based soup at Rokkaku Hamakatsu at Ala Moana. The broth was hot (temp.-wise) till the end. Just the way I like it!

Oh man! Looking at these pictures makes my mouth water! So, so good!

Moku Kitchen
Salt at Our Kaka’ako
660 Ala Moana Blvd.; Honolulu, 96814
808.591.6658 (MOKU)

Sam Sato’s
1750 Wili Pa Loop
Wailuku, (Maui) 96793
Article on these popular dry noodles

Rokkaku Hamakatsu
Ala Moana Center
1450 Ala Moana Blvd.; Honolulu, 96814


It’s time for “Real Food!”

Happy Friday! I’m excited to say that I finally tried Real Food Café at Honolulu Park Place. The chef and owner is Heidi Anderson. She’s really sweet and amazing! She does catering, she’s a personal chef, teaches cooking classes, a blogger, and photographer. Wow!


The BF’s: Smoked bacon and mushroom sandwich. It’s actually a pizza, but the chef was able to make it into a sandwich.


Mine: chicken pesto sandwich. Mmm!

We enjoyed the food very much. I can’t wait to try more of her cooking!!

Real Food Cafe is on social media and the chef’s contact info is included in this link: