Hiroshima grindz!

Happy #TravelTuesday!

I went on a one-day tour to Hiroshima, Japan last fall, and absolutely loved it there. It was a very moving day when we visited the A-Bomb site and Sadako’s statue at the end of the day/tour. My heart went out to those who lost their lives that tragic day. A couple pictures shared below:


A-bomb site in Hiroshima. Got the chills… It was surreal to be there in-person.


Sadako Sasaki’s statue/memorial site. Excited that I was there, but felt so sad.

Before we visited those memorial sites, we took a day tour to Miyajima, a small island in Hiroshima Bay. I was excited to try some Hiroshima oysters. Oh my word! That was delicious! I love oysters- raw AND cooked! Mmm, mmm! The line was super long- everyone wanted a taste of those bad boys! Haha! And it was worth it!




My mouth is watering! Take me back!!!!

I found an intriguing article about the benefits of oysters: https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/animal-product/oysters.html – it’s not only an aphrodisiac 😉

I also tried the beer that’s brewed in Hiroshima. It was good!


Before we left the island, I had to get some dessert! Japanese strawberry “shave ice!!!!” Refreshing! Japan is known for their sweets/desserts. There’s stands/shops all over the place!

FullSizeRender.jpg 2.jpeg

“Sadako & the Thousand Paper Cranes,” is a recommended book to read. It’s one of my fave stories growing up. I read this book in elementary school. It’s a touching story- a page-turner for sure!! I’ve never owned a copy of my own, but yet, this story remains in my heart forever… Before leaving Hiroshima that evening, I bought a copy for myself. It’s a keepsake!


You gotta have Indian in Japan!

Happy Saturday and a week before Christmas! Hope y’all are enjoying the holiday season! Make the best of it; it’s flying by so fast!

I’ve got more food to share while on my trip to Japan. We had an array of diverse food while we were there. I love that Japan is so full of diversity when it comes to food. On my last trip in April 2015, I saw so many Indian places, I really wanted to try. I knew that I had to do that on my next trip. …And that’s what my auntie, her friend, and I did! We have about three Indian places on O’ahu. I’m glad we have this wonderful ethnic food. It’s so good!

We came across this Indian curry house in Ikebukuro. The dishes were so reasonable (all curry bowls were ¥680, which is about $5.76 USD). Pretty awesome, right? We had to try it! The restaurant was a small-type dinner, that only fit eight people. Talk about cramped! Thankfully when we got there, it wasn’t crowded just yet. Phew!

I ordered the mutton (aka lamb) masala curry bowl, turmeric rice, and garlic naan bread. There were only two chefs running the entire place. When we were first there, there were a couple other people seated with us, and only one chef was cooking all the dishes. What amazed me is that he made the naan breads fresh. It didn’t take very long to cook. It was an entertaining experience because it was like we were watching a cooking show while we waited for our food and while we were eating.

Some pixs of the kitchen/restaurant:



The awesome chefs!

And now, for the final presentation- the food!


Mutton masala


Turmeric rice (using Japanese rice;)


Garlic naan- the BEST naan I’ve ever had!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

A BIG SHOUT-OUT to one of my besties on her upcoming graduation from UNLV this morning! Yea!!! Go REBELS!


A lil bit of Hawai’i in Japan!

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and found some awesome deals on Black Friday.

On our trip to Japan, we came across an Eggs ‘n Things in Ōsaka, Universal City Walk. We were excited to try!!!

They had a Thanksgiving/seasonal menu, which is something I found very common in Japanese restaurants.


I had to try something off this menu since the main menu looked very similar to ours in Hawai’i.

I ordered the turkey and smoked salmon eggs benedict…with hibiscus tea.


It was really delicious, especially the turkey benedict. That cranberry sauce was amazing, and I’m not a huge fan of cranberry sauce. It was a great pairing.

I loved the atmosphere. It felt like I was at a calm, clean beach, haha!

When in Japan, visit Eggs ‘n Things, and have some local breakfast from Hawai’i.

Eggs ‘n Things is located in front of the Park Front Hotel, along the path to the entrance of Universal Studios, Ōsaka (USO).


Happy Sunday!





Foodnista meets Japan! 

Foodnista is traveling through Japan!! It’s one of my favorite countries to visit. So great to be back!! It’s been awesome trying the different Japanese foods, as well as other ethnic foods. There’s so many places to choose from, and the food is always delicious!!! Yum!

I came across a donut joint, very similar to the US Mainland’s, Krispy Kreme. It’s called Mister Donut. They have an assortment of donuts, as well as entrée dishes, such as pastas, hot dogs, and soups.

I ordered the strawberry cream-filled donut. It was pretty good; it wasn’t too sweet. There are tons of dessert places all over Japan, and surprisingly, their desserts aren’t super sweet, as the displays or pictures may look.

Mister Donut, various locations in Japan.

More entries to come!