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Sweet & Savory Mostarda Recipe | Foodnista Soul, 2022
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Sweet & Savory Mostarda Recipe

Foodnista Soul

Sweet Savory Mostarda Mostarda is a sweet and savory Italian jam and condiment. Charcuterie In Demand It can be paired with charcuterie (pronounced “shar-coo-tuh-ree”). What’s charcuterie, you say? It’s a French term and culinary art of preparing cured and fresh meats (Traylor, n.d.). Charcuterie boards have become popular recently. They include assorted cheeses, fruits, nuts, […]

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*Bonus Post* The Pain Revelations (Part Two) | Foodnista Soul, 2022
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*Bonus Post* The Pain Revelations (Part Two)

Foodnista Soul

Continuation Today marks the last day of Pain Awareness Month. Continuing with part two of the pain journey. Read part one here. Discontentment & Vulnerability I’ve sought an array of medical and holistic treatments since 2018. Being in constant pain and not having a treatment modality that permanently worked was devastating. There was a period […]

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Whole wheat bagel and tofu-scallion "cream cheese" in NYC | Foodnista Soul, 2022
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Whole Wheat Bagels with Tofu-Scallion “Cream Cheese” in NYC

Foodnista Soul

Bagels, “Cream Cheese,” and NYC-Fun When in New York City, eating a bagel is a must. I was excited to try Pio Bagel, located in Brooklyn. They had a variety of bagels and cream cheeses to choose from. My eyes wanted to try multiple bagels and cream cheeses, but my stomach could only handle one […]

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Vegan Cauliflower Shawarma | Foodnista Soul, 2021
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Vegan Cauliflower Shawarma at Istanbul Hawai’i

Foodnista Soul

Vegan Cauliflower Shawarma is a Hit! I love Mediterranean food, specifically Turkish food. Istanbul Hawai’i at Ward Village is one of my favorites on O’ahu. I believe they are the only Turkish restaurant on the island. They started as a food truck several years ago. I tried their food at a Honolulu Night Market at […]

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