This Filipino grindz is BOMB!

Happy Sunday!

My sis and I had a day out during Memorial Day weekend and dined at one of our fave Filipino joints- Thelma’s Restaurant in Waipahu. We love it there. I’ve grown to love this cuisine and pancit and squid guisado are my all-time favorite dishes. My definite go-tos! I also love pinakbet, Sari Sari soup, chicken adobo, etc. So many more delish foods to try!

What I want to try is the all-you-can-eat buffet for either lunch or dinner. That’ll be an amazing to try the variety of different Filipino foods.

What I love about Thelma’s is their family-friendly atmosphere; it’s not-too-loud, and the customer service is great. Oh, and we can’t forget about the ono food!!

Got to make another trip back to Thelma’s.

Until next time.