Dim Sum Galore!

I love Chinese cuisine, especially dim sum (see featured image). I get ecstatic thinking about it. It’s comfort food to me; happy food!

A friend of mine treated me to dim sum a few weeks ago. So grateful. We finally tried Yung Yee Kee Dim Sum restaurant. I would drive past that restaurant almost daily and had been wanting to go there. They did not disappoint. It was delicious! We ordered way too much food. It was nice to take home our leftovers and eat them at home.

The restaurant even had a selection of various teas to choose from, which was awesome. We chose to try the pu-er tea, which contained a variety of fermented teas. That word fermented intrigued us, which led us to try it. We thought it would’ve tasted bitter or smelled stinky, but it was fine. Tasted like regular Chinese tea. Yum! Tea and dim sum go hand-in-hand.

Need to review a guide before eating dim sum? Check this out: https://www.dimsumcentral.com/dim-sum-menu-guide/.

I always order these dim sum dishes:

  • siu mai (pork hash with shrimp)
  • har gow (shrimp dumplings)
  • char siu bao (steamed BBQ pork buns)
  • salted egg custard buns
  • look fun with shrimp
  • pan-fried turnip cake
  • choi sum
  • chicken feet

These are my ultimate favorites. We were too full to order dessert. Although, the salted egg custard buns resembled a dessert dish. My favorite dessert dim sum dishes are:

  • egg custard tart
  • almond float
  • red bean soup
  • jin dui with black bean (sesame ball)

I found this article about 15 dim sum dishes to make at home: https://www.thespruceeats.com/dim-sum-recipes-you-can-make-at-home-4684644. How fun! I would love to try making my own homemade dim sum dishes. It’s going to be awesome and more meaningful because it’s homemade.

My first ex-boyfriend’s parents were originally from China. His mom shared her traditions when it came to meals. She shared that in her culture, jook, or rice porridge, is eaten for breakfast and dim sum is eaten during brunch or lunch. For dinner, she would always make a meat and vegetable dish with rice. Her cooking was the best! It was hearty and scrumptious. I miss it. I would always look forward to eating out at a Chinese restaurant with them, as well as staying over for dinner to have her delicious home-cooked meals.

O’ahu’s got a handful of delicious dim sum places. Check out Yung Yee Kee Dim Sum.

1411 Kapi’olani Blvd.
Honolulu, 96814

Lastly, I’m praying for a kinder and compassionate world. It hurts my heart that random Asians are being attacked. We need to cultivate kindness and love towards our neighbors. We may not like or get along with everyone, but we shouldn’t ever hate on them. We can pursue respect and maturity.

Happy Holy Week!

Be blessed,

FS x