Get some healthy pesto pasta!

I miss cooking! It’s been so busy lately, I just haven’t had the time to cook. But last weekend, I finally did! I’m so proud! Yay! I bought all my ingredients at Whole Foods and made some healthy pesto pasta.


I boiled the whole wheat Fusili pasta in Chardonnay, water, garlic salt, and extra virgin olive oil. I thought I would be able to taste the wine, but I didn’t.


I found this chia seed pesto sauce, which looked every interesting. I, of course, added pine nuts to the pesto sauce. Gotta! I even added wine! Haha! That was some good pesto sauce. Tasted very similar to my homemade recipe. Couldn’t even taste the chia seeds. I wouldn’t have known otherwise!


Saw these and they looked interesting to add to the pasta. Plus, they were on sale- whoo hoo! They sausages were pretty good, and they were organic! Yes!


Gotta have cheese! Crumbled Parmesan cheese and Halloumi cheese. Mmmm! The Halloumi cheese had more of a mozzarella texture.


Bam! What a healthy creation!


Made a side of broccoli with sharp cheddar cheese. Mmmm!

Until the next cooking adventure! Yee haw!

Auntie’s birthday dinner

This week, we celebrated my auntie’s bday. Dinner menu: rosemary/garlic/lemon zest lamb chops and round-and-round vegetarian pasta.

As my readers know, I love Giada! I was inspired by two of her dishes to make my auntie’s special birthday dinner: inspiration #1 and inspiration #2.

With inspiration #1, I made a rub using: rosemary, garlic, and lemon zest. The original recipe made with steak, minus the garlic.


I’m ready to roast in the oven!


The final product! It was amazing! Rosemary rocks!


My famous Greek yogurt sauce for the lamb, or any kind of meat, for that matter. I use Chobani Greek plain yogurt and season it with pepper and garlic salt. Yummy! I can eat this on its own!

Next up, is my “round-and-round” pasta. Because we had lamb, I didn’t add any meat to the pasta. I was ecstatic to use mascarpone cheese. Giada uses it all the time in her dishes. By itself, it doesn’t have much taste it to it. The tasteΒ  reminded me of ricotta cheese. Mascarpone is very hard to find. The only place I’ve seen it is at Safeway.


The other ingredients that were needed to make the sauce in addition to mascarpone were: orange juice, lemon juice, and lemon zest. I cut all the veggies in “round” shapes as that was the theme. Shallots, garlic, carrots, zucchini, and brussel sprouts made up this wonderful dish.



Yummy! The mascarpone cheese made a very light sauce. It was addicting to eat! Everyone loved it!

What a dinner!! Mission accomplished!