Time for lemonade!!

This place, called Lemonade, at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), is such an adorable place. It’s located at Terminal 5. The food looked great; though, I didn’t get to try it, since I had already eaten something, but I did try their lemonade and cookie- haha! My dessert!

Of the lemonade selection they had that day, I chose to try the strawberry rhubarb. You know me and strawberries. I choose that fruit over all! It was absolutely refreshing! I loved it! I plan to try the food next time I’m in town, but I really wanted to try their lemonade.

I found an informational article on what rhubarb is: http://thepioneerwoman.com/food-and-friends/rhubarb-101/. Rhubarb reminds me of chard. I have yet to find this and try using it in my cooking. I learned something new that day!

Their chocolate-chip cookie was to-die-for! Definitely satisfied my craving!

There’s many locations of Lemonade in Cali. Check it out next time you’re in town!



These store-bought/pre-made cookie dough taste like homemade kind!

This week I started baking cookies. I started with these easy ones- the pre-made dough! The Toll House Chocolate Chip and Reese’s Pieces are my top faves!

I love how the dough is pre-cut and ready to bake! Just our little secret, I did not follow the instructions on the package. I left them in the oven for a bit longer to make them crispy. I was very careful not to burn the bottom. Success!!

Baking is so different from cooking. You have to be precise in measuring the ingredients. Whereas cooking, you can improvise and not always stay true to the recipe.


Next baking project is baking cookies from scratch! The challenge! Bring it on!!

Two more days till Christmas Day! Enjoy the season!