Flyin’ Hawaiian!

It’s time for another review of airplane food. My fave! Haha! Airplane food is the best! I’ve always enjoyed it! I get so excited. It’s the best part of the flight!

I flew with Hawaiian Airlines (Hawaii, represent!!!) to Cali to attend one of my BFF’s wedding. I used to live in Cali for a couple years several years ago and loved it. I always enjoy visiting and have been thinking about moving back again in the future if a good job opportunity arises.

I love that our airlines has expanded their flights to fly across the world. It’s awesome knowing that Hawaii is being represented and known to the rest of the globe. Yea!

Going to California, I had an egg-and-cheese sandwich. It was amazing! Oh my gosh! My lovely neighbor, whom I enjoyed talking story with, didn’t want hers, so I ate hers too, later in the flight- haha! Totally satisfying!


On my flight returning home, I had penne pasta with meatballs, mushrooms, and a light marinara sauce and a southwest salad. Wine was complementary, so I had a cup of good ol’ Chardonnay! Yummy!


Can’t wait till my next adventure! Have a great week, all!

~FS x


And the Mexican food continues!

Over the weekend, I got together with my buds and we finally tried Egghead Cafe. Yesss! We’ve been wanting to go there for a long while. We had to wait a bit, but it was worth it!

I ordered the Mexican benedict, which consisted of: chorizo (sausage), sour cream, and verde (green Mexican sauce). Yummy! This is the first time I’ve ordered a “non-traditional” benedict. This was my first time having chorizo, too. I really enjoyed it! That sausage was tasty!

I would love to dine there again and try more dishes off their awesome menu! They have a pretty extensive drink menu as well!

I found an interesting article on chorizo:

Go to Egghead, you egg head! Haha!

Egghead Cafe
885 Queen St.; Honolulu, 96813

Pancake love!

I sent my dear friend, who lives on the West Coast, some goodies from Hawaii for Christmas and she shared this photo. She made these yummy taro macadamia nut pancakes from the mix I got her. Looks delish! I love taro- that’s how poi (a Hawaiian staple) is made from. I found an article with interesting health facts about taro:

Macadamia nuts are very popular in Hawaii. It’s like gold here. As most nuts are healthy, here is what macadamia nuts are good for:

When I was growing up, I remember Taro Brand® for their poi and chop suey mix. Now, they’ve expanded and make a variety of different products, such as pancake mixes. Visit their website to order:

You can also find recipes and other cool stuff:

For you Hawaii locals, Taro Brand® products can be found at our local grocery stores.

TGIF! Have a great weekend!

FS x