The famous pies are back!

Happy Christmas Eve! Man, is it Christmas again already? Where did December go? It seemed like only yesterday when the month began and now we’re almost through with the year! My, my! I really can’t believe how quickly the holidays flew by. I do hope y’all are having a wonderful Christmas season. It has been tough “soaking” it all in, due to being so crazy busy. Hence, the MIA for a while…

Today, I was busy in the kitchen making dessert. Decided to make my famous tofu-jello pies for Christmas again, with the cream cheese. Apparently, I didn’t remember that I experimented and added cream cheese to last year’s pies, haha! These pies are the best! They’re so light and refreshing. We always enjoying eating them.


The ingredients. I whipped my own whipped cream, instead of using Cool Whip. I find it healthier- haha!


Trying this gluten-free pie crust on the right. Hope it’s good! Sounds very healthy.


Bam! My two favorite jello flavors!

I also made homemade frozen yogurt, using plain yogurt and fresh frozen strawberries and bananas. I also added some agave for some sweetness.

Now… what to make for New Year’s… Hmmm!!!

Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Eat, drink (responsibly) laugh, love, and be merry!

_FS x


Yes, there’s tofu in that pie!!!

Last weekend, I held a house party with friends and made a berry blue tofu jello pie! Yes, tofu!!! It’s amazing- one of my favorite non-baking pies to make! It’s so simple, too!

Here’s the recipe:

-2 (3 oz) jello- follow the directions on the box (can use any kind of jello)
-2-4 tablespoons lemon juice (optional- I don’t use lemon juice in mines)
-1 block soft tofu
-2 (8 oz) Cool Whip
-3 Pie Crusts (I usually get a variety- Oreo, graham, shortbread, etc.)

-Squeeze tofu in cheesecloth.
-Dissolve jello with boiling water. Add lemon juice (I used 2 TB) and chill until slightly firm.
-Mash tofu with blender (or mix by hand).  Add (1 tub) Cool Whip with tofu.
-Add tofu mixture to jello mixture.  Blend until smooth.
-Pour into pie crusts and chill in refrigerator uncovered.  Top with Cool Whip before serving.

Note on Cool Whip:
-To thaw Cool Whip, leave in refrigerator and not on counter top.  It will become runny and won’t harden.
-To spread on for topping.

I personally don’t use the second tub of Cool Whip for the topping spread. I like the pie without it. I also prefer to use the berry blue jello. Any flavor will do, but the berry blue is my all-time fave! I’ve tried using strawberry, strawberry/banana, and orange, but it wasn’t as tasty as the berry blue. Something about that jello that makes it taste amazing! It also pairs well with all crusts, especially the Oreo. If you choose to make your own crust, you can certainly do so. I think I will attempt to make my own crust next time!

Happy weekend and non-baking! Whoo hoo!