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Reflecting on Maui Memories

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Maui <3

It’s been one week since the Maui wildfires. I’m saddened, and my prayers are with the people affected by the fires. A spirit of gratitude goes out to the first responders and emergency personnel working tirelessly around the clock during this disaster.

Maui has always held a special place in my heart. It’s where my late mother was from. My favorite island away from home. Thankfully, my family in Maui are safe.

Kula <3

Kula has been one of my favorite places to visit. I love going to the Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm. It’s a peaceful and tranquil place to be. I’ve been there several times, the last being in 2014, and the feeling never gets old when I return.

Lāhainā and Kā’anapali <3

Lāhainā and the Kā’anapali beach coast are my second favorite places when traveling to Maui, the Valley Isle. I think of it as the Waikīkī of Maui. It was filled with rich activities, excitement, culture, and history. That area was always thriving and booming.

Last week, when I learned that Lāhainā was battling a raging fire and saw the aftermath of the disaster, it broke my heart. Many people echo my feelings of sadness, grief, and frustration, to name a few.

I have beautiful memories of the times I’ve visited the historic town of Lāhainā, the beautiful 150-year-old Banyan tree, and the famous Front Street. I last visited in 2019. One of my close friends and I went for the day. We spent a good chunk of the day in Lāhainā. We got pedicures, ate a delicious lunch, walked around Front Street, and shared a refreshing shave ice. We headed to Kā’anapali and spent the early evening at the beach and Whaler’s Village. We had drinks and pupus (“appetizers” in Hawaiian) at Leilani’s on the Beach before returning to Kahului to catch our flight home.

Those memories remain dear to my heart, and I will never forget how Lāhainā once looked. We imua (“move forward” in Hawaiian) and look forward to a new Lāhainā, creating new memories for our future.

Ways to Help the Maui Community

If you’d like to donate (kōkua (“help” in Hawaiian)), there are various ways to show your aloha. Before submitting a monetary donation, make sure the organization is reputable. Beware of scams.

I felt very moved to contribute to an organization that needs donations. It always feels rewarding knowing I’m somehow making a difference. It’s a beautiful feeling to have.

When Hawai’i mourns, we unite and mālama (“take care” in Hawaiian).

Take care,

FS x

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