Q&A Time with Foodnista Soul for October | Foodnista Soul, 2023
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Q&A Time with Foodnista Soul for October

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October Q&A is Here!

Is that time of the month again to do another round of Q&A with Foodnista Soul? Let’s get it!

Healing Foods for Chronic Pain Q&A

This month, we’re highlighting some Qs about healing foods for chronic pain. Mahalo for your questions!

  1. Are medications that are considered natural okay to take in place of food?
    • I’m not aware of natural medications. However, I am aware of natural supplements. I recommend getting your vitamins, minerals, and nutrients through whole and unprocessed foods as much as possible rather than supplements. Supplements are exactly what it means- something that enhances something else when added. Whole foods and supplements should work together. Supplements shouldn’t be used to replace the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from food.
    • It’s always wise to consult with your health provider, whether it’s medical or holistic, before considering any supplement. Though supplements are considered natural, not all are appropriate for our bodies.
  2. Could achieving the ideal body weight (in the case of obesity, for instance) free some people of some of their chronic pain?
    • Most definitely. Weight can be very taxing on the body’s joints. Losing weight can ease chronic pain for sure.
    • A colleague once told me they were having knee pain. Their doctor referred them for an MRI and found nothing was wrong with their knee. The doctor concluded that the individual’s weight probably contributed to their pain. Thus, my colleague was determined to lose weight to reduce chronic pain and feel healthier overall.
  3. Can overeating and undereating be a cause of chronic pain?
    • Yes, I believe so. And most times, when we think of overeating and undereating, individuals are most likely not eating healthily.
    • Another factor of chronic pain is what you feed your body. 
    • If one is overeating and consuming unhealthy foods, they aren’t getting the proper nutrients to nourish the body internally. They will eventually gain weight, and as mentioned above, weight gain can cause chronic pain over time, especially in one’s joints.
    • If one is undereating and not putting the right foods in their body, that can lead to chronic pain, too, even if the individual may maintain a “healthy weight.”
      • This was me during my pain journey. I thought that if I had quick meals and snacks on the go (i.e., donuts, cookies, Costco pizza) due to my busy schedule and didn’t eat as much for lunch or dinner, I’d be maintaining my weight and “keeping healthy.” That led to more pain because of the refined sugars and unhealthy fats I was consuming. My body was neglected from the healthy nutrients she needed.
      • Those store and restaurant-made foods are tasty but should be eaten in moderation. We should have a balanced diet. Encouragingly, we should consume more fresh and unprocessed foods than the opposite.
    • Chronic pain doesn’t discriminate against one’s body type and size. The key is to nourish your body with whole, unprocessed foods.

As a Reminder…

Please note that the responses are based on Foodnista Soul’s experience.

The intent of this blog is for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with a medical provider about questions relating to your health or medical conditions.

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