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Must-Try Mock Meat Pad See Ew in Bemidji

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Mock Meat Pad See Ew

In the fall of 2021, I dined at Tara Bemidji- Thai Food and Craft Beer, a small Thai restaurant, with my dear girlfriend while we were on a day trip to Bemidji, Minnesota. I ordered a delicious mock meat Thai pad see ew (“you”) that was juicy and flavorful! The imitation meat was excellent! It resembled chicken very well.

Pad see ew reminds me of chow fun, a Chinese noodle stir fry dish. It’s trendy in Hawai’i and a local favorite. I enjoy eating chow fun at my local Chinese restaurants. Perhaps that’s why pad see ew is my favorite Thai noodle dish. I order that every time I have Thai, and it’s always delicious.

If you’re in Bemidji, have some Thai food. You won’t be disappointed. Additionally, their local beer tap and green curry were refreshing and delicious.

Tara Bemidji- Thai Food and Craft Beer
401 Beltrami Ave. NW, Suite A
Bemidji, MN 56601

Mock Meat Definition

So, what is mock meat? They’re plant-based products prepared to mirror traditional meat quality and its mouthfeel. Additionally, they replicate the regularity of meat’s attractiveness and characteristics. Therefore, fake meat has become a popular attraction among non-vegetarians (V., 2022). I have to admit that mock meat won me over!

How’s Mock Meat Made?

Gupta (2022) states that artificial meat includes soybeans, wheat protein, tempeh, and pea protein. Kebobs and other meat versions are prepared using fungi-like yeast to create the desired “meat” texture. Furthermore, other substitutes involve adding jackfruit and eggplant to resemble meat.

Dietary Changes

In my previous post on açaí bowls, I shared my journey with chronic pain. I’ve been experimenting with different diets to determine what foods trigger inflammation and pain and what helps alleviate it. As a result, I’ve reduced my meat and poultry intake with my new dietary lifestyle and have incorporated more legumes, vegetables, and fruits- organic if possible. I’m also trying to avoid foods that produce a lot of acidity in our bodies.

It intrigues me whenever I see mock or plant-based meats on the menu. My curiosity soars, and I’m eager to compare the synthetic version with the real thang. Sometimes the two versions are so identical that I can’t tell the difference. That amazes me! I would be eating fake meat and wouldn’t even know it!

AAPI Heritage Month

Finally, I acknowledge that May is Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. As an Asian-American, I feel privileged to have an entire month recognized to honor my culture. Growing up in Hawai’i, there are many Asians and Pacific Islanders amongst us in the community. We integrate and immerse ourselves in each other’s backgrounds and become one people. It’s truly a wonderful experience to behold. Furthermore, it’s humbling to know that our people, legacy, and customs are receiving recognition in our country. We are a small percentage in our nation’s population- only 7% ( Editors, 2022). However, we are making lasting impressions across the world with our stories and traditions.

To learn more about AAPI:


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