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Mexican Bowl with Black Beans at Paniolos

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Mexican Bowls and Black Beans Rock

The Mexican bowl with black beans (what we’re highlighting in our health segment today) at Paniolos was delicious. I ate that entire bowl in a heartbeat! It was so tasty!

Paniolos’ menu is simple and customizable. You choose the items you want in your burrito, taco, or bowl. It’s a fun experience to design your own dish. I created a bowl with brown rice, tofu, black beans, onions, cheese, sour cream, and salsa. Yum!

Paniolos Hawai’i
Kahala Mall
4211 Wai’alae Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96816

Wasn’t a Mr. Bean Fan Initially…

No, I’m not referring to the British sitcom, Mr. Bean. I loved that show. My sister and our two cousins (aka The Fab Four) watched the show as kids. It was hilarious! Those were such fond memories. The beans I’m referring to are the ones we eat.

Growing up, I didn’t like beans. I disliked the mouthfeel. They were too mushy. But in the last several years, my tastebuds changed and I slowly grew a liking for beans. Now, I enjoy them very much.

In culinary school, I made a lot of hearty legume dishes. I’ve learned to appreciate beans a lot more after changing my diet.

Black Beans and Eye Health

Black beans offer a lot of health benefits, including eye health. Our eyes are very important to us. I’m so grateful every day for my vision and will not take them for granted. Ever! I intend to take good care of my eyesight. One way to be proactive is to get our eyes checked annually by an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

The WebMD Editorial Contributors (2020) affirm that there are antioxidants in black beans. Antioxidants are natural substances that could slow down some types of cellular destruction. Vegetables and fruits are excellent ways to incorporate antioxidants into our bodies. However, not so much the antioxidant supplements. They don’t seem to be beneficial in preventing illnesses (National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, 2013). My primary doctor always encouraged me to get my vitamins and nutrients from actual foods. While I agree with her, I appreciate supplements being taken as an appendix to our diet.

Black beans help protect our eyes against cataracts. They have a high content of vitamin C. They can reduce the risk of cataracts. Furthermore, if someone already has cataracts, then vitamin C may prolong the build-up of cloudiness over the lens and possibly postpone the need for surgery (WebMD Editorial Contributors, 2020).

Finally, black beans aid in safeguarding our eyes against macular degeneration. According to the National Eye Institute, research indicated that when patients who have advanced macular degeneration took high doses of antioxidants, their condition diminished by 25%. Moreover, individuals with vision loss who consumed antioxidants were reduced by 19% (WebMD Editorial Contributors, 2020).

To eating more black beans and antioxidants!

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