March is Social Work Month | Foodnista Soul, 2023
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March is Social Work Month

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Social Work Month occurs every March, celebrating social work professionals. In addition, within the dedicated month, we acknowledge World Social Work Day on the 21st of March.

I’m proud to be a licensed clinician. I enjoy helping people and making a difference in their lives.

However, I’ll be honest, being a social worker can be physically and mentally taxing. It’s a challenging profession, yet, it can be so enriching concurrently. In our job, we listen to people’s problems. In turn, we acknowledge, empathize, and validate their feelings. From there, we identify their needs and work together to find solutions. 

It’s essential to self-care and recognize symptoms of professional burnout. But, of course, my fellow constituents know this is easier said than done. Nonetheless, we must take care of ourselves. If we’re not in a good place mentally, physically, and emotionally, we won’t be able to aid others. 

Honoring all social workers around the globe as we celebrate the hard work and accomplishments we’ve achieved and the lives we’ve touched.

Do good in the world,

FS x

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