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Pain is the Everyday Teacher

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Pain, the Everyday Teacher

There have been many days when I envisioned a very productive day but hardly did anything because I wasn’t feeling well. Experiencing that repeatedly has been a constant reminder to be gentle and give myself lots of love and grace. Over time, it’s become a bit easier to accept that it’s ok not to have productive days and to rest instead.

Do I wish the pain would go away for good? Sure! Every day. But this is the current reality that I’m presently experiencing, so I’m doing my best to thrive while continuing to be hopeful for ultimate healing.

Pain continually teaches me to stay strong, hopeful, faithful, and resilient, especially during debilitating days. I know there’s a light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. I’m on my way to victory!

I know this journey won’t be forever. The pain is not here to stay. Also, I may be in pain, but it doesn’t define who I am. Yes, sometimes the pain is overbearing and feels like it’s consuming me, but I will never let it take over and dictate my life. That is the boundary I’ve created between my relationship with pain. I also will not settle for the status quo. I will continuously find new remedies to alleviate the pain. I won’t give up! I will continue fighting and advocating to get the relief I need.

Other Discoveries

Creating healthy boundaries for myself has been more prevalent in my life. It has improved my physical and mental health. Listening to my mind, body, and spirit is crucial. When something in me says, “Don’t do it,” I pay attention. I follow when my mind, body, and spirit tell me to rest and spend time taking care of myself.

I’ve also been trying to stay disciplined with my diet as best I can. It does make a difference. It’s not always easy, especially when I crave something I shouldn’t eat (during the monthlies). I still believe what we put in our bodies affects how we feel, physically and mentally. Some people have told me that was ridiculous, but it’s true. Some foods, such as refined sugary dishes, have exacerbated the pain. I mentioned this in a recent post. As much as those store-bought and restaurant-made treats are delicious and not the healthiest, I try, try to refrain from them. 

Seven Additional Words of Encouragement…

To those who are in a season of pain, fear not. Chronic pain is an arduous journey. However, moments of joy and relief emerge with the proper support, a positive mindset, and a commitment to self-care, love, and grace. Keep believing in yourself, and know that you are stronger than the pain you face.

Here are seven supplemental uplifting statements to acquiesce to:

  1. Seek Support: Keep your support system close to you. Don’t create distance from them, especially when the pain is overbearing and keeps you in a shell. Sharing your struggles and feelings can make a difference in how you cope.
  2. Be patient: Healing and managing chronic pain require tenacity. Be kind to yourself and understand that progress may feel drawn out, but every step forward is a victory. Don’t be the victim.
  3. Advocate for Yourself: Learn about your condition and treatment options. Advocate for the care and support you need from healthcare professionals. You know yourself and your body better than anyone else. Moreover, if your healthcare team is not supportive, find new providers willing to listen, support, and find solutions with you. Teamwork is vital. They should always be on your side, never against you.
  4. Set Realistic Goals: Set attainable goals for yourself, both big and small. Celebrate your accomplishments every step of the way. You’re an aspiring individual, no matter what.
  5. Explore Pain Management Techniques: There are various pain management techniques, from physical therapy to medication and alternative treatments like acupuncture or mindfulness meditation. Be open to trying different approaches to find what works best for you. Keep a list, and keep going even if something doesn’t work. There will always be something out there for your unique situation.
  6. Connect with Others: Online communities and support groups, like Chronic Pain Anonymous, can provide valuable insights, advice, and a sense of belonging to like-minded people going through the same circumstances.
  7. Never Give Up: Keep moving forward, seeking solutions, and living abundantly. You are resilient! Turn your pain into purpose!

I believe in you. I’m here to support you.

Take care,

FS x

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