January, We Out! | Foodnista Soul, 2023
All-Encompassing Wellness Lessons Learned & Revelations

January, We Out!

Foodnista Soul

January, We Out! Goodbye!

Happy February and #WellnessWednesday!

The first month of 2023 is through. The month had its moments of quickness and stagnancy. 

I hope January treated everyone well and that the year was a beautiful start. 

Ongoing Discovery

January was a whirlwind. I learned more about myself and how I handle positive and negative situations. Life is forever a learning experience. I’m still discovering things about myself: new, old, and reoccurring. That will never end.

Revelations Continued to be Revealed

Stress has so many repercussions. It can be detrimental to our health. I know this. I’ve been reminded that a new symptom manifests in my body each time my stress levels heighten. Yet, it can be challenging to walk away from hectic situations. 

My health is a gift and should be treasured and embraced in the most constructive way possible. This is an ongoing practice. My goal for the rest of 2023 is to focus on mastering managing my stress levels better than before. I’m incorporating more mindfulness, meditation, and deep breathing to calm my mind and body. Centering and grounding myself will be a daily practice.

Take good care of yourself. We only have one body.

In good health,

FS x

“Today, I will not stress over things I can’t control.”

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