Holiday Dinner at Duc’s Bistro in Honolulu | Foodnista Soul, 2022
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Holiday Dinner at Duc’s Bistro in Honolulu

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Fancy Schmancy Holiday Dinner at Duc’s Bistro!

A friend of mine knows Duc (pronounced “Duke”) of Duc’s Bistro, a Vietnamese-French restaurant. Duc hooked us up with a gourmet meal last holiday season. I was so appreciative. I was so excited to try Duc’s cooking. It was fabulous! I highly recommend this restaurant. Parking can be found alongside the street or in the municipal parking lots and structures in Chinatown.

Duc’s Bistro
1188 Maunakea St.
Honolulu, HI 96817

Featured Dishes

Our meal’s top two healthy highlights were Duc’s famous saffron rice and seasoned green beans. I am obsessed with green beans. I get so excited whenever I see it listed on the menu. Green beans are the best!

Both sides were amazingly delicious. Duc’s is the place to be! We were blessed with being served a fabulous meal.

Saffron is Golden!

Saffron is gold! It’s named the “sunshine spice” due to the beautiful color of the threads (Raman, 2022). It’s challenging to find and very expensive because saffron is harvested by hand from the crocus flower. 

This treasured ingredient has multiple health benefits. Research shows that saffron contains croci and crocheting antioxidants that improve mood, cognition, and inflammation. The three keys in food ingredients and dishes I’m most conscientious about.

I was fortunate to find saffron at India Market Hawai’i. For a culinary school assignment, I used it in a Spanish rice dish called paella.

Saffron | Foodnista Soul, 2022
Saffron from India Market Hawai’i
©Foodnista Soul, 2022

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