*Bonus Post* The Pain Revelations (Part Two) | Foodnista Soul, 2022
All-Encompassing Wellness Lessons Learned & Revelations

*Bonus Post* The Pain Revelations (Part Two)

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Today marks the last day of Pain Awareness Month.

Continuing with part two of the pain journey. Read part one here.

Discontentment & Vulnerability

I’ve sought an array of medical and holistic treatments since 2018. Being in constant pain and not having a treatment modality that permanently worked was devastating. There was a period when I ran out of medical and holistic options and worried about what was next. There were many days I felt hopeless, depressed, and debilitated. I didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. All the negative feelings consumed me. I’ve experienced periods when the pain was so severe I debated seeking emergency medical attention. That was scary. I felt the pain was consuming my life.

I prayed and cried my heart out; and expressed the agony and frustration towards this pain and how it affected my life. During my heart-to-heart talks with God, I asked Him to show me the reason for this pain. I believe there’s a reason for everything, even when it doesn’t make sense and we don’t understand.

Life is full of mysteries. I’m still seeking those answers every day. 

I’m not going to lie; I sometimes struggle with these feelings today, mainly when new areas of [unbearable] pain arise or another remedy isn’t successful.

Currently, I’m working with an energy-based chiropractor who focuses on mind-body awareness and the power of breathwork. I’m learning a lot from my sessions thus far. I have more to discover.

Grace, Patience, & Forgiveness

I’m a person who’s always kept busy. Since being on this trek, life has been slower. I’m still active, but at a deliberate pace. When I’m not feeling well, everything comes to a halt or is in slow motion. Resting is important. I’ve learned to set smaller daily goals for myself and accept where I’m at towards the end of the day. I tell myself not to be so hard on myself when I cannot go the extra mile to complete everything on my to-do list for the day. I’m reminded to give myself grace and patience. Forgiveness is indispensable.

On top of that, I’m grateful for being healthy otherwise. Additionally, I’m thankful to be blessed with wonderful opportunities nonetheless.

Lessons Learned & Revelations

My daily mantra is that this pain doesn’t define me. It doesn’t tell me I can’t accomplish my dreams and goals and live my life to the fullest. Moreover, I will not let this pain control me and my life.

I’m still on this quest to find ultimate relief. This experience has taught me about myself, and I know I have much more to learn. 

Here are seven lessons I’ve learned throughout this journey of pain:

  1. Letting go and letting God and the Universe be in power. Don’t dwell on things I don’t have control over.
  2. Reducing the stress levels is a constant challenge. It’s true that stress affects the body in negative ways. And when my stress levels are very high, that’s when the pain is very intense. 
  3. Integrating positive practices daily keeps me grounded (i.e., meditation, mantras, yoga, and essential oils).
  4. Surrounding myself with optimistic people helps keep me inspired and motivated. 
  5. Incorporating bright energy fuels my inner being.
  6. Asking myself, “what do I want” and accomplishing it is prime.
  7. Listening to my body. Rest often. It’s ok.

For those living with chronic pain, know you’re not alone. I’ve listed a couple of resources to explore for additional support:

Take good care,

FS x

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