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Foodnista Soul, aka Gini, has been a food blogger since 2015. She enjoys eating out and trying different ethnic foods. She also has a passion for cooking. Integrated health, well-being, and diet have been vital in Foodnista's life, especially in the last several years when she developed chronic pain. She is excited to transcend her blog, expand, and inspire her readers on health and wellness recipes, dishes, and practices. *DISCLAIMER* The intent of this blog is for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your medical provider if you have questions about your health or medical conditions.
Spiced Almonds | Savory Spiced Almonds Quick Recipe, 2022
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Savory Spiced Almonds Quick Recipe

Foodnista Soul

Spice Almonds Recipe & Equipment Before making these savory and seasoned almonds, they need to be toasted first. Pan toasted almonds: Yields 1 cup 1 cup organic raw almonds Mixing bowls/cups/spoons for mise en place ingredients Measuring cups/spoons Baking sheet Parchment paper Sauté pan Wooden spoon Pyrex container Spiced toasted almonds: Yields 1 cup 1 […]

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Kaleidoscope Bagels | Stunning Kaleidoscope Bagels in Pride Month, 2022
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Stunning Kaleidoscope Bagels at Conversations

Foodnista Soul

Stunning Kaleidoscope Bagels & Conversations The kaleidoscope bagel is a winner at Conversations. They’re so pretty, full of vibrant colors, and beautifully presented. The multicolored cream cheese spread is plant-based, a perfect vegan and vegetarian food item to eat for breakfast/brunch or a day/nighttime snack. Conversations is a cute, dainty café and store on the […]

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Falafel | Easy Vegan Falafel Appetizer Recipe, 2022
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Easy Crunchy Vegan Falafel Appetizer Recipe

Foodnista Soul

Crunchy Vegan Falafel Appetizer Satisfaction In my Farm-to-Table course at Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, we learned about methods and ingredients used in vegan and vegetarian diets and dishes. Not only are they healthy, but extremely delicious and enjoyable. The main ingredient of falafels is chickpeas or garbanzo beans (they’re the same thing). They’re seasoned […]

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