2023 Thankful Challenge- Day 22 of 30 | Foodnista Soul, 2023
All-Encompassing Wellness Thankful Challenge

2023 Thankful Challenge- Day 22 of 30

Foodnista Soul

Day Twenty-Two

Give praise to your higher power.

I found this beautiful and moving poem that anyone can relate to. The artist is unknown.

To the forces that guide us, unseen yet profoundly felt,
In moments of joy and times when our strength may melt.
Your presence, a beacon in life’s labyrinthine course,
A source of solace, wisdom, and an unwavering force.

In nature’s vast canvas, in the whispers of the wind,
In the tender sunsets where our spirits mend.
In every beating heart, in each breath we take,
In the marvels of existence, an endless love awakens.

To you, the unseen architect of this cosmic dance,
In your boundless embrace, we find our chance.
Gratitude and reverence, we humbly bestow,
For your grace, your guidance, and the love you show.

May we find wisdom in your gentle whispers,
Strength in moments where doubt lingers.
In our journey’s highs, in valleys low and deep,
Your presence, our solace, in both wake and sleep.

Whether named or unnamed, in our hearts, you reside,
A force beyond measure, an eternal guide.
In praise and awe, we acknowledge your grace,
In this wondrous universe, in this cosmic embrace.

Revisit Day Twenty-Two of 2022’s Thankful Challenge.

Thanks to God, who blesses, protects, loves, and forgives.

With gratitude,

FS x

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