2023 Thankful Challenge- Day 21 of 30 | Foodnista Soul, 2023
All-Encompassing Wellness Thankful Challenge

2023 Thankful Challenge- Day 21 of 30

Foodnista Soul

Day Twenty-One

Forgive people who have done you wrong. Not for them, but for yourself so you can move forward with your life in peace.

Forgiveness can be a powerful and courageous act of self-healing and maturity. This doesn’t mean excusing or forgetting what someone did. It’s about choosing to move forward and not allowing the past to dictate your present and future. Moreover, it’s about releasing their actions’ hold on your emotions and allowing yourself to move forward. You’re freeing yourself from the weight of resentment, bitterness, and anger. How liberating will that feel? It’s about reclaiming your peace of mind and not letting the negativity of others define your own emotions.

Revisit Day 21 of 2022’s Thankful Challenge.

With gratitude,

FS x

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