Pizza, all around!

I smelt pizza in the elevator this evening and it triggered my craving senses- haha! I thought I’d post a blog entry about good ol’ pizza!

FullSizeRender.jpg 2

Because of my craving, I ordered a chili-lime chicken pizza from La Tour Café tonight for dinner. Yum! Talk about spicy! Yowzers! That pizza had a kick! …An awesome kick to it!


Ooey, gooey for cheese pizza from La Pizza Rina. Yummy!


How’s about some pepperoni and anchovies? Also from La Pizza Rina. That was VERY fishy!!!

I always drive by La Pizza Rina on South King Street, but never got a chance to try it, until recently. I’m glad I finally did. Their pizza is really tasty, and their crust is crazy good!

La Pizza Rina
1425 S. King St.; Honolulu, 96814
**Parking in the rear of the building
La Tour Café
Various locations on-island

Happy Labor Day!

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