It’s your lucky day!!

Happy St. Patty’s Day! The Luck of the Irish! Hope you wore green to avoid getting pinched!

My boyfriend, his parents, and I went to Tanaka Saimin this afternoon. I got the special- corned beef and cabbage. Got to have that on St. Patrick’s Day- it’s a tradition and a staple!


I actually learned something new on the morning news today. This dish is not Irish at all. It’s actually Jewish, but because both groups were close in proximity back in the day, it became popular amongst the Irish. Interesting fact, eh?

Here’s another article that states that fact:

Here are some Irish dishes that I would like to make soon: Traditional Irish foods.

I liked the special from Tanaka’s, but I do think my dad’s corned beef and vegetables is better- haha! Of course! Hey, you can’t beat a home-cooked meal. We’ll be having that on Monday night. I can’t wait!

We also decided to try the escargot there, too.


This was so good! We just had to try it! For $7, you can’t go wrong! It’s worth much more when ordered at a fine dining restaurant.

Tanaka Saimin
888 N. Nimitz Hwy.; Honolulu, 96817
Yelp review

Have a lucky rest of your day! Party safe!

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