Sunday Funday brunch lunch!

Happy Sunday! Last week, my boyfriend and I enjoyed lunch at the famous Boots & Kimo’s in Kailua. It’s a breakfast/brunch/lunch place that closes by 3pm every day, except Tuesday.

Tons of Japanese tourists line up outside to eat there. They are known for their macadamia nut pancakes. Yummy!

We shared the banana mac nut pancakes, which was awesomely delicious. Banana pancakes are my ultimate favorite! We did not need to pour syrup over the hotcakes. The sauce was enough! I ordered Grandma’s own hamburger steak recipe breakfast with eggs (over-easy) and rice. Oh, it was so good! I always enjoy trying different “homemade” hamburger steaks. The taste is so satisfying! Makes me want to make some in my kitchen. Can’t beat homemade hamburger!


Have a wonderful new week!

Visit Boots & Kimo’s
151 Hekili St.; Kailua 96734
(808) 263-7929

Hours of operation:
Monday: 7:30am to 3pm
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday-Friday: 7:30am to 3pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7:00am to 3pm

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