La Tour never disappoints!

La Tour Café has really expanded their business, since opening in 2011. They now have four locations across O’ahu.

My boyfriend, his parents, and I had dinner at the Pearl City location last weekend. I tried their curry chicken salad sandwich. Boy, was it good! The sandwich included: chopped chicken, curry yogurt sauce, red grapes, almonds (which I could not taste at all, considering I don’t like nuts), crispy green papaya house mayo (this must’ve been a secret ingredient because I didn’t taste this mayo at all), and greens on a multi-grain bread, which was awesomely delicious and healthy! Their homemade chips were off-the-charts, as well.

Y’all got to try La Tour- their food is really, really good!

The Pearl City La Tour Café is located at:

Gateway Shopping Center
1140 Kuala St.
Pearl City, 96782
(808) 369-7317

Hours of Operation
Sun–Thurs: 10am–9pm
Fri–Sat: 10am–10pm


Happy Hump Day!



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