Strawberry sunrise & a random book about sand!

The other weekend, my friends and I got together for our annual New Years celebration dinner. After dinner, we chilled at Banán on University Ave., across the University of Hawaii at Mānoa (UHM).We went to their food truck location at 3212 Monsarrat Ave. in Kapahulu earlier last year, which I wrote a posting about: It’s time for Açai reviews!

We really liked their physical location. It had a nice, relaxing vibe. They even had random books, like the one about sand- haha!

I ordered a Strawberry Sunrise smoothie, which consisted of: strawberries, bananas, papayas, and almond milk. It was very light and tasty. I loved it! I’m so glad there was almond milk in this drink, since I’m lactose.

Visit their physical location, where the old Yogurtland used to be, across UHM

1810 University Ave.; Honolulu, 96822

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