2017 Surprise!

Happy New Year!

My friends messaged me this afternoon to inform me that my Foodnista Soul logo has been posted on Honolulu Kitchen’s Instagram (IG) page, alongside a manapua (aka cha siu bao) that had my logo painted on the bun (see featured picture above). I was so surprised and very touched that the artist featured it on their IG page. Talk about a proud moment!

I was so excited that my boyfriend and I drove down to Honolulu Kitchen, located in Waipahu, because I wanted to check out their place, and to personally thank the artist for drawing my logo onto their manapua and for featuring it on social media. However, when we got there, the artist just left for the day- shucks! I left my card with a thank you message to one of the workers and ordered some manapua to try.

This is their extensive menu- OMG! So many filling flavors to choose from. It’s awesome!


We tried their crab cream cheese and strawberry cream cheese manapuas. They give you the option of wanting the manapuas deep-fried or steamed. They were so nice and gave us two versions of each filling, plus the Foodnista Soul manapua that was made earlier in the day. So sweet of them!

The manapuas were soooo delish, both steamed and deep-fried. I want to go back to try more flavors.

Honolulu Kitchen can customize artwork on the manapuas for parties. They’ve done an array of different drawings, such as: Marvel characters, Tsum Tsum characters, Disney characters, company logos, etc. I think they can do anything the customer requests.

Visit Honolulu Kitchen:

94-861 Farrington Hwy; Waipahu, 96797
(808) 671-5241

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