Foodnista meets Japan! 

Foodnista is traveling through Japan!! It’s one of my favorite countries to visit. So great to be back!! It’s been awesome trying the different Japanese foods, as well as other ethnic foods. There’s so many places to choose from, and the food is always delicious!!! Yum!

I came across a donut joint, very similar to the US Mainland’s, Krispy Kreme. It’s called Mister Donut. They have an assortment of donuts, as well as entrée dishes, such as pastas, hot dogs, and soups.

I ordered the strawberry cream-filled donut. It was pretty good; it wasn’t too sweet. There are tons of dessert places all over Japan, and surprisingly, their desserts aren’t super sweet, as the displays or pictures may look.

Mister Donut, various locations in Japan.
More entries to come!

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