It’s a pizza party, hey!!!

A couple weekends ago, my friends and I got together for a pizza-making party! We put our creative hats on to make our awesome pizzas! Everybody’s creativity was spectacular, and the pizzas were delicious!


“Tropical Twist,” as my friend named her pizza. Her ingredients included: mustard sauce, avocados, Mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, and green onions. Yummy!


Looks like a Hawaiian Pepperoni pizza to me! Ingredients contained: tomato sauce, pepperoni, pineapples, and Mozzarella cheese. Oh, so good!


My creation! I call it “Pesto Fanatic!” Ingredients include: pesto sauce, pine nuts, and goat cheese. Gotta love pesto!


“Asian Hot Mess,” as my other friend called her creation. Ingredients consisted of: mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, spinach, pesto sauce, Mozzarella cheese, and Pizza Hut’s buffalo wild wings hot sauce. Boy, it was spicy!


Last, but not least, more pesto pizza!!! Ingredients included: pesto sauce, mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, sausages, and spinach. Onolicious!

Making pizza with friends is so much fun! I love seeing and tasting everyone’s magic. You can pretty much put anything on a pizza and it will taste good! These five pizzas took about 30 minutes total to make. The crust only takes 10 minutes to bake, and it’s organic (yea!!). Now that’s a speedy meal!

Have a great rest of the week!

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