#SundayFunday for #GudetamaNthings

Eggs ‘n Things is doing a limited time promotion of a Gudetama-inspired menu from September 30th-October 28th. We checked it out last Sunday to see what the hype was about.

We first discovered Gudetama in Japan last April. He’s a “lazy egg” and one of the newest Sanrio characters who is rising to fame in Hawaii. He has his own shelf at the Sanrio stores.


Gude menu!!!!


Mmm, Gude hot cocoa.


Gude loco moco, with his bacon blanket- hahah!


Yummy buttermilk Gude pancakes.

I’d like to go back to try their Gudetama burger- haha!

Read more about Gude! https://www.sanrio.com/categories/gudetama

He also has various videos on YouTube. Just type in his name in the search box. He doesn’t have an official YouTube page (yet).

Happy #SundayFunday!

Eggs ‘n Things, Ala Moana location
451 Piikoi St.; Honolulu, 96814


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