Macaroni casaroni!

…Ok, I made that word up! Haha! Happy Thursday!

Last week, I saw a video by Terry Crew about a recipe that has been in his family for over 25 years called “Mac and Jeezy.” It looked very interesting, as one of the ingredients contained cottage cheese. I’m not a fan of cottage cheese, but I thought it would be interesting to add to a mac and cheese dish.

This dish was quite simple to make. All this needed was: one beaten egg, sour cream, cottage cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, and salt. Terry Crews also used coconut oil to oil the pan and paprika to sprinkle on top, but I chose to use regular cooking spray to oil the pan and did not use paprika. I added onions and garlic to add more flavor, which was an excellent choice. Those two are MUST HAVE ingredients in all my cooking!

Ta-da!!! It was delicious to the max! The BEST mac and cheese and easiest version to make ever!!

Here is the recipe.

I had some leftover macaroni, so the next day, I made a shoyu (soy sauce) and olive oil sauce pasta. It was really good! There was no accurate recipe, as I went by taste. Another simple dish that included: shoyu, olive oil, onions, garlic, chives, garlic salt, and pepper. Mmm, mmm, mmm!


Have a great rest of the week and upcoming weekend!

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