Flashback to Chile!

TGIF! It’s #flashbackfriday/#fbf, reminiscing on to my trip to Chile in 2014. Our travel gang visited a winery called Concha y Toro in Santiago. It was my first time visiting a winery and it was amazing. It made it all-the-more exciting being in another country.


Concha y Toro was a beautiful place. It was a huge forest-park. The atmosphere was so peaceful.


Isn’t it beautiful? It was a breathtaking sight to see!


Wine grapes live in person!!!


One of the Chilean wines we got to sample was the Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Pinot Blanc blend. It was yummy! I purchased a bottle to bring back home. We even got to keep our wine glasses. Score!!! I’m waiting for the “perfect” occasion to open it!


For the wine lovers, visit this winery if you’re ever in Chile. It was truly an experience I’ll never forget. Happy weekend, All!

Concha y Toro
Av. Nueva Tajamar 481,
Torre Norte, P 15,
Las Condes, Santiago de Chile
English version of Concha y Toro’s website




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