It’s time for Açai reviews!

Last month, I had a craving for açai bowls. I’ve tried the açai sorbet at Nordstrom, and just added honey and granola (see blog posting titled “Sunday Funday with friends.”). It was really good!

I also tried açai bowls from Salted Lemon and Banán.


From Salted Lemon. I really enjoyed this. What a traditional açai bowl is to me!

Salted Lemon
1723 Liliha St.; Honolulu, 96817

That same day, my friends and I tried Banán in Kapahulu. This location is a truck stand.

  • Stairway to Heaven (on the left) includes: greens banáns (soft serve), granola, saved coconut, papaya, pineapple, bananas, and honey.
  • The Amazon (on the right) includes: açai banán (soft serve), granola, quinoa, bananas, strawberries, and honey.

We enjoyed both! I especially enjoyed The Amazon. All of their soft serves have a banana taste to them! Super yummy!

3212 Monsarrat Ave.; Honolulu, 96815 (truck stand)
1810 University Ave.; Honolulu, 96822

Comments you’d like to share? Would love to hear from ya!

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