Pizza par-tay!!!

While I was browsing through the supermarket, I saw loaves of French bread on sale. It made me reminisce of my childhood days when my grand uncle would make French bread pizzas. It also made me reflect back on an episode of “The Pioneer Woman” on Food Network. She had made a variety of French bread pizzas. Mmmm! It made me want to get creative in the kitchen!

And I did! I picked up the following ingredients to make my variety of pizzas: tomato/mushroom Ragu sauce, garlic Alfredo sauce, Mozzarella cheese, ground turkey, mushrooms, pepperoni, and garlic. I also used rosemary from our garden.

With those ingredients, came:


Mushroom/pepperoni pizza, with tomato sauce & ground turkey/mushroom/pepperoni pizza; ground turkey pizza, with Alfredo sauce


Rosemary/olive oil/garlic pizza



It was super delish! My favorite was the rosemary/olive oil/garlic. I can’t wait to experiment making more pizzas next time! It was so fun!

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