“Chopped” challenge, part 2

We’ve successfully completed our “Chopped” challenge weekend. Friday night was my turn. Same rules: three rounds, appetizer, main dish, and dessert- 30 minutes for each round. Here’s what went down!

Round 1: Appetizer: 30 minutes
Basket items: sea salt and herbs chickpeas, taro snacks, and organic tofu.
Dish: udon and tofu salad, with shoyu and ponzu sauce dressing, topped with chickpeas and taro fries. Supplemental ingredients used: udon, shoyu, and ponzu sauce.

Judge review (the BF): He really enjoyed it; said everything paired well together, especially the chickpeas and taro fries.

Round 2: Main dish: 30 minutes
Basket items: artichoke hearts, Sriracha sunflower seeds, halibut and monchong.
Dish: fish trio stir fry, topped with artichoke hearts and sunflower seeds. Supplemental ingredients used: seasoning, ahi, green beans, Okinawan sweet potato, and Parmesan chips. I didn’t use any sauce for the stir fry. The fishes were so tasty! Didn’t need to make a sauce.

Judge review: My BF loves fish, so this stir fry was off the charts for him! He absolutely enjoyed it!

Round 3: Dessert: 30 minutes
Basket items: pear and blueberry, strawberry, and cherry fruit strips.
Dish: pear slices, with a blueberry/strawberry honey compote, topped with cherry fruit strips and lemon cookies. Supplemental ingredients used: honey and lemon cookies.

Judge review: My BF thought the dish was very creative and loved the compote. He said he could taste both the honey and the fruit strips. I have to say, I was quite proud of this dish! Haha!

And that’s our “Chopped” challenge! It was a fun experience! I think we are going to do this again! We both agreed that it was a blast, cooking outside the box!

Have a great week!

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