Mmm for poi mochi!

Poi mochi is the best! It’s one of my fave local desserts/snacks. Actually, anything mochi always satisfies my tummy! It’s so good! Our family friend had given us a bag of poi, so my sister decided to make poi mochi. They didn’t come out as crispy this time, but it was still good. I had to restrain myself from eating it all- haha!

Making poi mochi is very simple. You just need these ingredients: poi, water, mochiko, sugar, and oil. Recipe here!

I’ve been having this craving for poi lately. I like it prepared best with sugar. So yummy! Late last month, we had a family dinner at Willow’s and I pounded the poi! I went back for many servings. I had my poi fix! Yummy!

Found some interesting facts about poi:


Recent scientific research has concluded that poi may be beneficial for many medical conditions due to its unique blend of beneficial compounds and its probiotic activity. Taro has been grown in rich, acidic volcanic soil for hundreds of years, and further research will determine whether the beneficial microbes contained in taro are heat- and acid-resistant due to their adaptation to these growing conditions. Plant-based probiotic cultures that are heat- and acid-stable are of great interest and benefit to those suffering from digestive illnesses, as these probiotic cultures theoretically are able to survive bile salts and gastric juices in order to reach the small intestine where they, and the nutrients they provide, are needed to re-“colon”-ize the gut.
The following are just a few of the exceptional merits of poi:

  • High in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The nutrition in poi is better utilized than other foods due to fermentation (similar to yogurt) and small starch granules.
  • High amounts of alkaline-forming elements in poi reduce gastrointestinal disturbances and are better tolerated.
  • Helps prevent dental caries.
  • Provides valuable nutritional support for individuals who suffer from indigestion, malnourishment, special health problems and those recovering from illnesses.
  • Poi, if contaminated by pathogenic organisms, may purify itself with naturally occurring lactic acid- producing bacteria.
  • Easily digestible and hypoallergenic.


Numerous studies have suggested that poi, as a probiotic, may be useful for the following diseases:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Poi may also be helpful in modulating the immune system, in improving lactose digestion, in treating hypercholesterolemia, in preventing illness-related weight loss, in lowering blood pressure, in preventing alcohol-induced liver damage, in fighting urogenital infections, in improving celiac disease, in treating autism, and in down-regulating intestinal inflammation and reactions in infants, and in children and adults with food allergies and sensitivities, and more.

Richard Sarnat, MD, Paul Schulick, and Thomas M. Newmark, in their book The Life Bridge, state: “It is our firm medical and scientific judgment, based on thousands of years of human nutritional experience and countless scientific confirmations, that probiotic whole food, as traditionally consumed, is the best form of nourishment for humankind.”


Noeau Day, Pamela. “Poi: Wisdom of the Ancient Hawaiians…Healing for Today.” Poi: Wisdom of the Ancient Hawaiians…Healing for Today- Weston A. Price. 25 Sept. 2004. Web. 22 May 2016.

Have a Happy Sunday! Aloha!

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