Watery mouth for pickled mangoes!

It’s mango season and my dad’s tree is producing mangoes like crazy! My auntie’s friend made us pickled mangoes with the mangoes from my dad’s tree. Everyone makes their pickled mangoes differently. My auntie’s friend makes hers with sugar, vinegar, and li hing mui (salty dried plum).

This is the only way I eat mangoes. I actually don’t care for the fruit itself. I know, I’m strange that way- haha! Pickled mangoes taste best when the mangoes are crisp! Yum! So refreshing!


I found a recipe if y’all wanna try making this local snack. This is not my auntie’s friend’s recipe, by the way. http://www.cookinghawaiianstyle.com/component/recipe/recipes/detail/66/pickled-mango

I also found an article showcasing the different types of mangoes grown in Hawaii- pretty interesting: https://www.hawaii.com/discover/mango/

FYI- my dad’s tree produces Chinese mangoes.





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