Thee famous pasta salad!

Last weekend, my friends and I got together for Game Night! It was so much fun! We had a wonderful night laughing and enjoying each other’s company!

I made my famous pasta salad. It’s really simple. I used rotini pasta. I prefer using short pastas, like bow-tie, rotini, etc. It saturates more of the dressing and makes the salad taste better. Using the right pasta matters. Even though they may all taste the same, the texture matters and can change the dynamics of the dish.

The ingredients I include are:
-edamame (soy beans)
-olives (served on the side)

Sometimes, I’ll add cauliflower, grapes, and strawberries. I wanted to keep it simple this time.


To make the dressing, I usually use: Hidden Valley Ranch dressing and Brianna’s Blush Wine dressing

However, this time, I decided to experiment and use these dressings instead:


Everyone enjoyed the salad, but I personally prefer the original way I would usually make my dressing. There’s something about Hidden Valley that makes it the best ranch ever! Not all ranch dressings have that distinct taste that Hidden Valley has.

Happy eating! Yippeeee!