Christmas Dinner, 2015 with My Love <3

My boyfriend and I had our Christmas dinner last night. We went to Rijo, in Downtown at Harbor Court. It opened last February. The restaurant was huge- looked like a buffet-style ballroom. Sadly, there weren’t many people there. Nonetheless, the food we ordered was good. Service was a little slow, but I didn’t mind since we had no place to be afterwards. I would dine there again. I hope the restaurant succeeds.

We started off with a tofu quinoa salad, which was excellent. The quinoa salad had a Japanese flavor to it. I love quinoa- it’s healthy and oh-so-good!IMG_4099

For our entrees:

My boyfriend had the teishoku, which included: sashimi (ahi and salmon), butterfish, tempura, and steak. The steak was very tasty! The server had informed us that the chef will be doing away with the teishoku. Glad we got to order it before they take it off the menu.


I had the furikake salmon. That was very tasty, though the sauce was a tad bit salty! Loved the vegetables (bok choy and broccoli. Even though it was salty, I enjoyed my dish.


And finally for dessert, we had the Japanese cheesecake. That was onolicious! I loved the texture of the cake. It’s not like your traditional cheesecake. It’s more on the fluffy side. The graham crumbs was great, too. Paired well with the cheesecake.


Check out Rijo at:
66 Queen St. (Harbor Court)Honolulu, 96813

If you would like to contact the Foodnista, please send your emails to: If you would like me to post pictures and reviews of restaurants you’ve dined at, send them right over. I would be more than happy to post them!

Six days before Christmas, I can’t believe it! The countdown begins! Happy last weekend of holiday shopping. Be safe everyone!



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